infloor cleaning & circulation

Wouldn't you rather lounge in your pool than spend time cleaning it?

Consumers are fast becoming aware that pools are about lifestyle with more and more people becoming savvy to what is understood to contribute to a good pool and above all contribute to a family’s lifestyle, by way of little or no maintenance, leaving your time to spend enjoying the pool, rather than maintaining it.

To make your pool a carefree reality, Paramount Pool & Spa Systems has the most convenient and technologically advanced in-floor cleaning & circulation system available. A total pool cleaning system- cleaning steps, swim-outs, ledges, spa etc as well as the pool.

The Pv3 In-floor Cleaning & Circulation System will maximise the time you spend enjoying your pool and minimise the time you spend maintaining it, by working from the pool floor, creating bottom to top circulation.

The circulation process inhibits the growth of algae, bacteria, and removes cold spots by promoting equal heat and chemical distribution, which greatly reduces both heating and chemical costs, saving you money for as long as you own your pool.

With Pv3 there is no unsightly unit or cumbersome hoses in the pool.

You can swim with the Pv3. There is no unit to be switched off and removed (as well as replaced) each time someone wants to use the pool. A Pv3 pool is always ready to use.

Unlike robotic suction cleaners there is no restriction of surface skimming or water flow to the filtration system.

Pv3 works every time, it never gets stuck or tangled.

The Pv3 Infloor Cleaning System comes with the exclusive ‘MDX Debris Removal System’ which draws leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool into a separate leaf canister in the pool deck. It also includes several layers of anti-entrapment protection.

MDX adapts to your needs - available in 8 colours to blend with the surface of any pool.