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High Performance Filter Media

Your pool filtration system is arguably the most critical component of your swimming pool/spa - after all, it is the part that keeps your pool clean. Shouldn’t you have the best available?

Effective filtration and correct chemical balance will ensure a pool looks good, stays appealing and swimmable. A new high-performance pool filter media, Zelbrite keeps your pool sparkling clear, for a cleaner, brighter, sparkling pool.

Zelbrite is a filter media processed from a natural mineral known as zeolite. This environmentally friendly mineral has a 3-dimensional structure of microscopic apertures and channel-ways like a hard, but porous sponge. Zelbrites natural porous structure provides a huge surface area in which the smallest particles, down to 1Micron, (standard sand filter media- 15microns), can be trapped, and removes them from your pool.

Its hard porous structure is the real difference between Zelbrite and normal filter sand. Zelbrite traps much smaller particles while allowing water to flow through more freely, reducing pump back-pressure while maintaining filtration performance equal, or better to diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, with the convenience of sand.

Another unique feature of Zelbrite is its natural ability to remove ammonium ions from your pool and spa water. By removing ammonia, Zelbrite reduces the formation of chloramines, which are those acrid compounds which cause skin and eye irritation. Chlorine can then do its job better, thus reducing chlorine demand.

Another advantage to Zelbrite is it works well with salt chlorinators, as it reduces plate loading and electricity consumption as a result of the improved chlorine efficiency.

The ultimate benefit for the user is a superior swimming-pool water environment which is both safer and more pleasant to swim in.