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SPASA Pool Builder Member

Goldfish Pools & Landscapes wins 2011 POOL OF THE YEAR

Goldfish Pools & Landscapes recieved two ‘Awards of Excellence’ at the annual SPASA Awards of Excellence Night, held on Saturday 27th August 2011 at Zinc, Federation Square, Melbourne.

A Goldfish Pools & Landscapes project has been recognised as the the best pool of 2011. This prestigious award recognises achieved excellence in design and construction and is the most highly regarded award in the pool design and construction industry. The winning project Kooyong Road, Elsternwick was implemented by Goldfish Pools & Landscapes team with great attention to detail.

The other major award for the night, ‘Best Residential Concrete Pool Over $100,000' was also awarded to Goldfish Pools & Landscapes.

Congratulations and well done to all staff members and contractors for once again ensuring a successful and memorable night for the company.

We invite you to click here to view the project images.

3D Pool Studio—try your pool and landscape before its built

Goldfish Pools & Landscapes continues its commitment to customer satisfaction, by utilising the latest 3D software available. A computer design tool which allows our designers to communicate their ideas to you instantaneously clearly and precisely, removing the guess work from traditional hand or CAD like drawings.

We invite you to click here for more information.

Filling your Swimming Pool and Spa under Stage 1 Water Restrictions

With the re-introduction of Stage 1 Water Restrictions pool owners who have a new pool or spa greater than 2,000 litres can fill their swimming pool from the domestic water supply - tap, in accordance with a ‘Water Conservation Plan’, and as a result of this water to fill swimming pool not included in costing.

Simplified Stage 1 water restrictions are now in place >

Water Conservation Plan & Exemption Application.
Under the requirements of current water restrictions, a customer wanting to fill an existing pool or spa with a capacity of 2,000 litres or more is required to submit a Water Conservation Plan to their government water utility for approval. The Water Conservation Plan should set out proposed water savings that will be achieved on an annual basis to off-set the volume of water required to initially fill the swimming pool.

Application forms can be downloaded from your water supplier:

  South East Water
Click here to download application form
  Yarra Valley Water
Click here to download application form
  City West Water
Click here to download application form
  Western Water
Click here to download application form

New Swimming Pool Fencing Regulations : AS1926-2007 and BCA 2010

A new standard for swimming pool fencing, Australian Standard AS1926.1-2007 has been introduced and is effective for pools/spas built after 1st May 2010. Australian Standard As1926.1-1993 remains in use for pools and spas built prior to May 1st 2010. There are several changes, two in particular. Protection of property boundary fences and restriction of the use of a child resistant door-set’ as part of the pool safety barrier. To protect against climbing a property boundary fence and typical barrier, a Non Climbable Zone (NCZ) has been introduced.

We invite you to follow these links to learn more about the new swimming pool fencing regulations.

High Performance Filter Media

Your pool filtration system is arguably the most critical component of your swimming pool/spa - after all, it is the part that keeps your pool clean. A new high-performance pool filter media, Zelbrite keeps your pool sparkling clear. We invite you to click here for more information.

Solar Heating Advances

Sunbathers newest innovation ‘Flat Loop Technology’, has come about in an effort to reduce unsightly solar blankets on visible roof lines. We invite you to click here for more information.

No More Dirty Glass

Always cleaning marks and salt water residue off your swimming pool glass fencing? With the new addition of Vitro Glaze this can be a thing of the past. We invite you to click here for more information.